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Solar & Green energy solutions.

About Us

Globe-tech is a consulting and investment company, with focus on the solar and green energy markets. Our consultancy is targeting start-ups, who include a solid solar energy base plan. Whether it is a solar panels manufacture, a solar energy provider or any other company, who is seeking a green energy source.

Globe-tech has many connections with different major investment firms. Those firms provide us with knowledge about new technologies and up-rising worthy businesses for investment - creating a mutual benefit for our clients, and their invested firms. These firms benefit from our professional services and support, and then they are able to generate for you a higher ROI.

Globe-tech has started to focus on these causes in order to make a positive impact on the solar industry around the world. 

Our mission is to help solar businesses to grow and prosper sustainably with an ultimate goal of supporting a sensational worldwide growth of solar energy usage.

The types of businesses we focus on include; solar installers and retailers, solar manufacturers and wholesalers, government institutions or any other organization, who values renewable energy sources.

Globe-tech's consultants are leaders in the global solar energy consulting markets as well as in photovoltaic, concentrating solar power and thermal technologies. Our clients are financial investors, private corporations, developers and governments, who turn to us for support in critical business decisions. Our experts work with clients through the lifecycle of their business and programs, for as long as necessary or requested.



Globe-tech provides strategic support to solar energy products retailing and manufacturing. We help clients to create a market entry plans and provide insights regarding geographic markets, market segments opportunities, product modifications and competitiveness.

Globe-tech's solar team works with investor-owned and public-owned services to evaluate and develop new and existing approaches for incorporating solar energy into the customer offerings and the asset bases. We help clients to identify solar business model options, and analyze which options best serve the clients' goal, essentially developing a detailed action plan.
All of our profound research at Globe-tech is done by our market research division, who is dedicated to enable our clients the opportunity to make the best and most informed business decisions, while considering all the challenges and opportunities they face today as well as in the future.

Our company also offers training and seminars to the public, on solar energy systems functionality, installations, and strategies implementation. The company has partnered up with local contractors all around Europe for the installation process. By doing so, empowering and supporting the local economy. We are unique in our technical expertise in supplying energy efficient machinery and energy saving products as well. 


Optimizing / Integrating technologies

Globe-tech helps companies to use properly information technology to improve business performance. Whether you are deploying a complex custom developed system, selecting a new system or leveraging the latest into the needed capabilities,

Globe-tech will help you realize the full potential of your resources, investments and current assets. We combine our significant experience in leading technology platforms and confronting channels in creative manners that enable our clients to complete challenging business milestones.


Reduce Internal Costs

Globe-tech specializes in identifying achievable and creative ways to reduce internal costs. We have helped organizations improving their business processes by using their resources more effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, we provide technical guidance regarding the use and the collection of solar energy, increasing its capacity and quality, while reducing the wastage of solar energy use. Our process typically starts with rigorous and detailed assessments in order to point-out new opportunities for cost saving actions.

Then we apply our leadership project knowledge; how to manage the project and secure the realization of the benefits.

Our Goals

If you are a retailer/installer/manufacturer/wholesaler of solar energy equipment in Europe, then Globe-tech can help you with the following:
  • Tracking market shares, providing you with a competitors analysis and an adequate market research (making sure you are not falling behind, or missing emerging trends). 
  • Accurately evaluating export, payback and ROI's. 
  • Improving marketing effectiveness of your company and accuracy of your target  audience. 
  • Finding good returning customers.
  • Cost accounting analysis predictions - addressing first the riskier and heavier costs. 
  • Optimization and management of current and future stock level.
  • Granting access to in - depth information regarding markets, competitors and technological advancements. Alongside an internal examination of the your business (SWOT analysis), which will improve dramatically the decision making processes. 
  • Expertly calculating profits predications of the planned project.
  • Accurately assessing your required systems' size, to minimize wastage.
  • Identifying best locations to place solar panels in order to maximize financial returns. 

Our Services

Our services include:
  • Industry insights - Entry-level products to help smaller retailers compete with  the bigger ones, by providing high-level access to best available intelligence on the solar industry. 
  • Clinching the deal - We create a compelling sales pitch and take care of the negotiations with the commercial markets parties. 
  • ROI analysis - Globe-tech will use expertly- prepared solar ROI calculations by  our expert analytical teams, while ensuring a continuous inferiority over the competitors. 
  • Correct marketing - For companies who want to make cost-efficient investments in marketing, targeting your audience correctly is crucial. Our services reveal the locations and markets, where project the fastest growth opportunities. We tailor marketing tools, which are adjusted for each of the different targeted markets, based on a profound SWOT analysis - where, your business capabilities are taken into account when choosing which opportunities are best suited. 


  • 2010 -  Globe-tech has lead a major project in Strasbourg, France, taking the initiative of energizing a large office building in the center of the city, while using the most efficient solar paneling installation at the top of the building and installing smaller panels above windows, taking advantage of its higher floors' exposure to the sun. Making this project successful in its solar power generation efficiency
  • Since 2012 -  Globe-tech has been consulting for a large factory chain, helping them improve their machinery productivity, while helping them to achieve top energy-cost- efficiency. We are still working together on their projects all around Europe, spreading over four countries; Hungary, Germany, Italy and Turkey.
  • 2015 -  Globe-tech has been consulting for a major solar energizing company that works in the Benelux countries, generating most of its technological projects' energy through solar energy, and solar paneling based devices. This company started out as a small start up when they approached us, together we worked our way to achieve their goals and even surpass them.
  • 2016 - Globe-tech has been investing in some major green projects in Portugal. Mainly, related to solar plants installation projects. However, our investment isn't only a financial mean. We also make sure to support the project management team all the way, along the project's lifetime. 

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